Whether your child knows the benefits of drinking pure water? Well, it is time for them to know the benefits of drinking pure water. It is important for the young and growing children to be educated about the intake of nutritious food and water. Developing these small habits towards self-wellbeing will be advantageous for their growth and development. Children sometimes become less excited on food and parents won’t be able to track their water consumption all the time. So, they should be aware of drinking pure and healthy water.

Below are the benefits of drinking pure water for kids.

  • Drinking pure water helps children to maintain their body temperature, increase metabolism and revitalizes the body to carry on with physical activities.
  • Amount of water intake varies according to age and level of physical activities.
    • Boys and girls between age group of 4 to 8 years should intake 1.1 – 1.5 litres per day.
    • Girls between age group of 9 to 13 years should intake 1.3 – 1.5 litres per day.
    • Boys between age group of 9 to 13 years need should intake 1.5 – 1.7 litres per day.
  • Drinking pure water helps to prevent constipation and facilitate normal bowel movement.
  • It helps children to stay hydrated and increase energy levels during activities such as running, cycling and playing.
  • Consumption of pure water improves brain functioning and keeps mind strong, active and alert.
  • Drinking pure water helps to eliminate toxins from the organs and aids in the proper functioning of kidneys.
  • Drinking plenty of water prevents headache / migraine in children.
  • It adds nutrients and minerals that are essential for proper body functioning.

It is the responsibility of parents to make access for their children drink pure and healthy water. AguaClan has a range of RO and UV water purifiers which comes with food graded stainless steel water tanks ensuring every drop you drink is clean, pure and healthy.

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