Drinking adequate water helps you to stay healthy and hydrated. Temperature of the water has an impact in our health. Drinking hot water and cold water will have their own benefits. The most important thing here is that we must be aware of when to drink what.

Drinking hot water has lots of benefit to human health. Though it is tasteless, it helps in digestion, detoxification, relieve from pain. Drinking warm water helps in preventing constipation which further leads to severe health complications like piles and haemorrhoids.

Do you know? Drinking warm water slightly higher than the room temperature helps in relieving stress. Also when suffering from headache or inflammation, drinking a glass of warm water will stimulate the blood flow and makes it an excellent remedy.

How do hot water helps in detoxification? A glass of hot water is the best detoxifier for human body. The toxins from the food, environment will be sticky and greasy enters into body and finally into the system. Drinking warm water helps to dissolve toxins in our system and detoxifies the whole human body. Along with warm water, add lemon, mint and cucumber which enhance the taste and acts as natural detoxifier.

When should you avoid drinking warm water? Avoid drinking warm water after exercising. Also when you go home from blazing heat, it is better to avoid warm water as your body will have high temperature.

How about drinking cold water? On the other hand, drinking cold water is not appreciable always. Purified water is best to drink without boiling. Since the purified water do not contain any contaminants, it is safe to drink. If you do not consume purified water, it is advised to drink boiled water to get rid of water-borne diseases and other complications.

Whether there are any benefits of drinking cold water? Yes, drinking cold also has some benefits in case it is purified water. Cold water helps to lower the body temperature during hot weather. When you are done with more physical activities, your body temperature will be slightly higher than usual. Drinking cold water during those times helps to regulate the temperature.

Drinking hot water in summer? Yes, it sounds weird. It is bit difficult to drink hot water during hot weather. During summer, our body usually dehydrates. In order to stay hydrated, we must intake more fluids than usual. During summer, instead of drinking more cold water, we can intake fresh fruit juices, butter milk or fibre-rich fruits and vegetables. It helps to stay hydrated and healthy.

When should you avoid drinking cold water? It is best to avoid cold water after eating. Cold water takes longer time to digest the food since it needs to more energy to break down food particles.

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