RO water purifier can last up to 10 to 15 years if there is a proper maintenance. Maintaining purifiers not only makes it to last longer but also ensures pure and healthy drinking water. Here are some of the tips to maintain your RO purifier efficiently.

Tips to maintain RO water purifier

Change RO filters as per schedule

RO filters should be maintained as per replacement schedule. The filters reduce the purification capacity if unchanged. The contaminants get deposited on the filters and may be transferred to the purified water. Over a period of time, these deposits choke the filters. The choked filters and membranes leads to wastage of electricity and increased wastage of water.  So, for proper maintenance and healthy water, the RO filters should be changed.

Cleaning and Sanitization

The water storage tank should be properly cleaned. If the tank is not cleaned for a prolonged period, the taste and odor of the water changes. Consuming this water may lead to diseases. It should be at regular intervals and do not store water in the tank for a longer period. Since sanitization and cleaning of the tank  is important, it will be best to call the technician or service person for good results.

Checking for any leakages in the tank

Leakages in the water purifier will lead to severe damage if it is not fixed on time. Leakages or drips can cause wastage of water. In case of leakages, it is better to check for it by the technician and fix promptly. The leaks not only occur in the purifier but also in the pipes connected to the purifier or any other malfunction. All these should be checked to avoid further damage and also to last longer.

By keeping the exteriors of RO system clean

The water purifier has a dispenser where the purified water gets dispensed. Those exterior surfaces should be clean in order to avoid diseases. If it is not cleaned it may lead to contamination of water while dispensing.

Get serviced by a good technician promptly

In order to maintain trouble-free RO water purifier, it should be serviced by the trained technician once in six months. Ensure whether you are getting serviced the best technician from the brand you trust.

These are some of the tips by which you can maintain RO water purifier to last longer. It is mandatory to follow these tips to get pure and healthy drinking water.

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