One of the prime source for survival is water. Before consumption we must ensure whether the water is clean and out of harm’s way. So, it is our responsibility to keep the water bodies clean. The main reason for insalubrious water is pollution. Water pollution is the contamination of water bodies due to the hazardous substances being thrown or scrapped into the water.

Ways to reduce water pollution

Causes for Water Pollution

There are many ways through which water can be polluted and they are listed below.

  • Industrial waste
  • Sewage and Wastewater
  • Marine dumping
  • Oil leaks and spills
  • Domestic waste
  • Oil leaks and spills
  • Radioactive waste
  • Runoff from agricultural activities
  • Deforestation

Effects of Water Pollution

Water Pollution results in the following effects.

  • Lack of potable water
  • Destruction of biodiversity
  • Disruption of the food chain
  • Death of aquatic life
  • Life threatening diseases on human
  • Infant mortality
  • Eutrophication

Ways to reduce water pollution

  • Don’t chuck the garbage into water bodies. It is one step ahead to dispose in the garbage cans.
  • Do not eject oils in the sink after cooking instead collect in a bottle or any other container and throw that in the trash cans.
  • Treat wastewater and sewage in order to block out chemicals and pollutants and then let the water into the water bodies.
  • Scale down the usage of plastics or use recyclable or reusable plastics and preferable to seek alternatives.
  • Keep away from disposing of household chemicals and cleaning agents into the sinks.
  • Make use of detergents and dish cleaners which are free from phosphates.
  • Do not flush medicines or drugs into toilets which affects nearby water bodies. Also steer clear of dumping into water bodies which devastates aquatic life.
  • Inspect for any oil leaks from ships and boats and do not spill any fuels over the water bodies.
  • Attempt planting more trees bordering water bodies so that trees turn down erosion that washes pollution into the water.
  • Always insist buying products that are safe and environment friendly.
  • Support charities which involves cleansing of water bodies and beaches.
  • It is head and shoulders above to conserve water whenever and wherever possible.

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    September 7, 2021

    […] Pollution is also a major reason affecting water bodies nowadays. Wastes from industrial, farming, mining, forestry activities could have major impact on lakes, rivers, ponds and groundwater. One reason for poor quality is dumping of wastes into water bodies. Another major reason is air pollution. Substances like dust, gases like carbon-dioxide, sulphur-dioxide, lead are entrapped in the rain and fall as acid rain. The rain water reaches the earth surface and flow into water bodies which exploits the water quality. […]

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