Variants of Domestic Water Purifiers

Variants of Domestic Water Purifiers in AguaClan

AguaClan Water Purifiers private limited is Asia’s leading No.1 stainless steel dual technology water purifier. We perceive the requirements of our clients and dispatch the pre-eminent quality by customizing  water treatment solutions. As we are a specialist in water purification and customization we provide various purification technologies as per customer needs. The variants of domestic […]

Water Borne Diseases

Aware of the diseases caused by corrupted water?

Water borne diseases are caused by pathogenic microbes present in water. They may spread while drinking, washing, bathing. The water becomes contaminated due to pollution like chemical wastes from industries, garbage from homes being dumped into water bodies and untreated sewage. These contaminated water contain pathogens like bacteria and viruses which can cause significant effect […]


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