RO Plant

∞ Commercial RO Plants are designed and engineered as per our customers requirement and in accordance to the standards of the particular industry of application.

∞ It is owing to our rich and vast industrial experience that we have developed a excellent quality range of RO Plants.

∞ The RO plants designed by us are at par with the latest technological advancement with high efficiency in performance, Sturdy structure and they require very low maintenance.



Lower Power Consumption


Eco friendly


Lower maintenance


Rigid Construction


Defect and Hassle Free


Higher Quality

Easy Installation

Long Lasting

RO Plant Variants

RO Plants starting from

♣ 100 LPH

♣ 250 LPH

♣ 500 LPH

♣ 1000 LPH

♣ 2000 LPH


♣ 3000 LPH

♣ 5000 LPH

♣ 6000 LPH

♣ 8000 LPH

♣ 10000 LPH


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