Water is the most essential component for living species to survive. The water we intake should be pure so that our body remains healthy. Impurities in water may be toxic and cause life threatening diseases. So, it is important to clean the water. Every person should consume only pure and clean water in order to be a healthy individual. It is necessary for each and every individual to know the importance of clean water. In this article, we will discuss about the differences and benefits of purified water and distilled water.

Purified water or distilled water

What is mean by Purified Water?

Purified water is the process of removing only the impurities like bacteria, fungi, algae, chemical pollutants, harmful metals and parasites from the water through methods of filtration. It undergoes filtration methods like filtration, sedimentation, coagulation and disinfection. The source of purified water can be either tapwater or groundwater where it should not contain high salt content. Purified water contain minerals and is super tasty.

What is mean by distilled water?

Distilled water can be obtained by the process of distillation. The inorganic minerals and metals present in the water have high melting point. The contaminants such as bacteria, virus, protozoa, chemicals like sulphate and lead. In order to remove those contaminants from the water, it is being boiled. The water is converted as steam and then collected and cooled. By this way, we get distilled water.

Purified water vs Distilled water

Purified WaterDistilled Water
Purified Water is obtained by the process of filtration to remove the contaminants.Distilled Water is obtained by the process of distillation to remove the contaminants.
Purified Water is more safe and recommended for drinking.Distilled water is not safe to drink and is used for laboratory purposes.
Purified water contains minerals in it.Distilled water does not contain any mineral contents in it.
The taste element is present in purified water.The taste element is absent in distilled water due to lack of minerals.
The production cost is low compared to distilled water.The production cost is high for distilled water.
The source of purified water is tap water or ground water.The source of distilled water can be well water, sea water, tap water, snow, streams.

Benefits of Purified Water

Here are some benefits you should know about purified water.

  • Purified water contains necessary minerals needed by the body.
  • It is good for colon and digestive tract and helps for digestion.
  • It helps in the brightening of skin.
  • It helps to reduce gastrointestinal diseases.
  • Purified water supports in the improvement of immune of system and for a healthy mental function.

Benefits of Distilled Water

Here are some benefits you should know about distilled water.

  • Distilled water does not corrode with metals and used in batteries of automobile industries.
  • It is used to clean equipments in hospitals in order remove the contaminants and infections.
  • Distilled water is used in kidney dialysis machines to filter waste from the blood.
  • It is more suitable for laboratory purposes since it does not react with other compounds.
  • It does not contain any impurities.

Disadvantages of Purified Water

Let us know some of the disadvantages of Purified water:

  • Purified water sometimes contain certain chemicals and pesticides.
  • Since fluorine is removed from the water, it can cause impacts on dental health.
  • The equipment cost is high because it undergoes many process.
  • The purification system should be maintained regularly to avoid bacterial infection.

Disadvantages of Distilled Water

  • Drinking distilled water is not safe for regular drinking purposes and may lead to impaired metabolism since it do not contain any minerals.
  • It is not recommended for drinking because it reduces the mineral, electrolyte and pH levels of tissues and blood.
  • Since distilled water do not contain any nutrients required by the body, it leads to diseases like muscle cramps, fluid retention, fatigue, headache.
  • Due to lack of minerals it absorbs the traces of substance in which the water is being stored.


Distilled water removes all the contaminants and minerals like magnesium, calcium from the water. Purified water removes only the contaminants and chemicals. Since purified water contains all the minerals required by the body, it is safe and recommended for regular drinking purposes. Purified water is ideal and healthier for drinking than the distilled water.

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