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Learning Training and Exposure

Achieving excellence in your career

At Aguaclan, we provide equal and ample amount of growth opportunities to all our employees. We conduct numerous programs and workshops to help our employees improve their desired skillset. We encourage and aid our employees to take up proficiency and upgrade skills in their respective proficiency. We have put a performance monitoring program in place to track the progress of our employees and identify areas where they lack. Our periodic 1:1 meetings with the employees help them refine their skills, receive feedback, help them understand what is expected from them, and their role in the company’s future plans.

Leadership Development Program

We encourage our employees to take up initiatives on their own and coming up with new ideas. The program’s curriculum is aimed at creating more leaders by helping them understand and develop and relevant leadership skills.

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Karunya Samuel

Karunya John (HR)

Aguaclan is the Organization which has exciting work environment, challenges in work,career growth,learning and development,working with great people,fair pay, supportive management and mainly a work life balance nature and shows vitality in valuing any employee and identifying the skills in any employee and molding them not only for being the resourceful member at and only inside the firm but also a wanted and classy personality to the society as well .

Aguaclan takescare not only the employees but also their families and showing great interest towards their good level rise in the society by offering loans, mediclaims,insurance,personality development.
Personally wanna thank Aguaclan for helping me to repay my education loan which I desired to repay it in my own pay and it happened through Aguaclan and has given me an ample amount of knowledge Transfer in all the fields I Was not working under any HR nor learnt relevant to that but here I was create as HR and am sculpted day by day and now am pretty much sure and proud and confident of being HR at Aguaclan.

Basics and Advanced Workplace Etiquette

Aguaclan aims to create a workplace where all our employees feel comfortable sharing their opinions, ideas, and concerns without the fear of being ridiculed. We follow a collaborative civilized work culture where everyone is respected, irrespective of their job designation.

Creating a Culture of Execution

No matter how great an idea may be, it is merely a fleeting thought in the head, a concept, until it is executed. We train our employees to nurture their ideas, execute them, and bring about a positive change in our organization.

Hear From Our Employees


Great place to Work, no jerks, Great Resources people that I work with – some of the best talent and GREAT people in general


Growth of the company is good.Teamwork and bound to work with the organisation.

Vignesh Babu

The demand of new products in the water purification field us very great.Aguaclan is a place which is comfortable to work and had a great team to work with.I see how things can be improved and make that to achieve the companies vision. There is great Motivation in the team to achieve greater innovations.


A well coordinating team., with whom we can move forward and take a greater leap in progress of our company and to achieve more by crossing the boundaries and limitations


At Aguaclan I, Admire the products and services given. Company culture and values. Company general reputation.


At Aguaclan there is great team work and huge growth potential in my career


There is great potential for learning new things every day and good career growth along with the organization as it growing in a faster pace.


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