What exactly is Mineral water?

Mineral water encompass vital minerals like calcium, magnesium and other dissolved salts required by the body like intimated in the name. Conventionally mineral water is taken from natural underground reservoirs and mineral springs and so it is also known as “spring water”.  

Do you think packaged water and mineral water are same?

Though both are invulnerable to drink they diverge in some aspects. Packaged water is sourced from spring water or wells and encounter the process of distillation. After distillation, it is then packed in a plastic or glass containers ensuring whether it is highly potable and safe to drink. Mineral water undergoes the process of natural filtration and coagulation whereas packaged water is chemically treated and filtered and most often through chlorination.

Pros and cons of drinking mineral water

Benefits of drinking Mineral water

Let us know some of the benefits which we acquire by consuming mineral water.

  • Rich in mineral contents
  • Regulates body temperature
  • Controls blood pressure
  • Regulates body fat
  • Increases energy levels and physical alertness
  • Reduces cardiac diseases
  • Increase skin’s sheen
  • Promotes hair growth
  • Helps in the strengthening of bones
  • Promotes digestive health

Disadvantages of Mineral water

  • Carbonated mineral water causes bloating due to the existence of carbonic acid.
  • Mineral water manufactured in the laboratory by a soda carbonated reduces the enamel hardness of human teeth.
  • Mineral water packed in plastic containers has stupendous impact on hormonal function in the human body due to presence of bisphenol A in plastic bottles.
  • Another controversy of mineral water with plastic containers is pollution and other profound upshot for the environment.

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