Life @ Aguaclan

Take care of your employees, and they will take care of your business

-Richard Branson

Growth Oppurtunities

Vijay Kumar

We spend about a third of our lives at work. Are we happy???
Most of the people says ” NO “.
But we ( Aguaclan) says ” YES “.

Nithya Guru

At aguaclan everyone has inside them a good news .
The good news is you don’t know how great you can be!
How much you can love !
What you can accomplish!
And what your potential is .”
“If you are offered a seat on Aguaclan , Don’t ask what seat !! Just get on.”


Work Culture

We follow a very open and transparent work culture at Aguaclan, wherein we are open to hearing employee feedback. We value employee opinion and are transparent with our plans for the company’s future. We encourage our employees to take more responsibilities and become a vital part of our company’s growth.

Profits and Incentives

Apart from the best salary package with respect to industry standards, we provide an attractive incentive program for our employees. We are more than happy to share our profits with our employees.


We value the work-life balance of our employees and follow a legible leave policy so that employees get enough time for themselves and their families. We grant holidays on all major festivals and government-approved holidays.

Other Beneficiaries

In the best interest of our employees’ health, we offer insurance, ESI, and PF to all our employees. We conduct regular medical checkups, eye, and ear testings to take care of our employees’ health. Our employees get to use our cafeteria services for free at any time they want. We have monthly team lunches, annual trips, and frequent activities such as cricket tournaments, Zumba sessions, and yoga sessions.

Benefits To Our Employees

Legible Leave Policy

ESI and PF

Star Health and Safety Insurance Policy

General Medical Checkup

Flexible Break Hours

Cafeteria Services

Monthly Team Lunch

Yearly Tour Activity

Sports Activities

Hear From Our Employees


Great place to Work, no jerks, Great Resources people that I work with – some of the best talent and GREAT people in general


Growth of the company is good.Teamwork and bound to work with the organisation.

Vignesh Babu

The demand of new products in the water purification field us very great.Aguaclan is a place which is comfortable to work and had a great team to work with.I see how things can be improved and make that to achieve the companies vision. There is great Motivation in the team to achieve greater innovations.


A well coordinating team., with whom we can move forward and take a greater leap in progress of our company and to achieve more by crossing the boundaries and limitations


At Aguaclan I, Admire the products and services given. Company culture and values. Company general reputation.


At Aguaclan there is great team work and huge growth potential in my career.


There is great potential for learning new things every day and good career growth along with the organization as it growing in a faster pace.


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