We already know drinking pure water is safe and healthy. Pure water do not contain any hazardous contaminants at the same time it has essential mineral contents for the human body. Drinking pure water not only makes our body to stay fit and healthy, it also prevents us from water borne diseases like typhoid, cholera, diarrhea, hepatitis.  Pure water consumption has also many other beneficial activities in human body.

Necessity to boil RO water

Why do we boil water?

Boiling normal water kills micro-organisms which can cause huge impacts on human body. It disinfects the toxic substances present in the water and makes it safe to consume. The main reason to boil water is to eliminate the salt contents and infectious microbes which causes a great impact on human body.

What do you mean by RO water?

Reverse Osmosis (RO) is one of the purification process to remove harmful contaminants and salts from the water. In this process, the water is forced with the help of pressure to enter through semi-permeable membrane. This membrane has minute pores which blocks contaminants and salts present in the water. The pure water which can be consumable then flows into the water inlet tank and the waste water flows through the outlet tube.

Are you aware of the contaminants removed by RO systems?

Water has many contaminants in it. It might be hazardous or non-hazardous. In order to make water safe and consumable, we should remove hazardous contaminants in it. RO systems remove 99.9% of the harmful contaminants from the water. So, what are those contaminants? Well, the contaminants like salts, fluoride, lead, chromium, radium, copper, selenium, sediments, chlorine, arsenic, herbicides or pesticides, dirt, odor, bad taste and other volatile organic compounds.

What about micro-organisms like bacteria and virus?

Yes, it removes those harmful micro-organisms as well. AguaClan’s RO purifiers contain UV disinfectant inside their RO system which disinfects microbes evolving on the membranes due to improper maintenance. So, RO purifiers are the substantial way in order to get unadulterated water.

Do you think water is wasted through RO systems?

In RO systems, there are two streams where the water flows after filtration. One stream carries the filtered water to the fresh water tank and the other stream carries removed contaminants to the waste water outlet tube. The waste water from the RO systems can be used for terrace gardening purpose.

What are the benefits of RO system?

Reverse Osmosis is the finest way of getting purified water. Some of the benefits of using RO system are listed below:

  • Sodium levels are being reduced from the water.
  • RO Systems completely eliminate detrimental contaminants.
  • It removes dirt, odors and poor taste.
  • They are eco friendly in addition since AguaClan’s RO systems comes only with food grade stainless steel materials.

Benefits of drinking RO water

  • Drinking RO water eliminates the risk of brain damage and anemic conditions in children.
  • It helps to boost our energy levels.
  • It helps to prevent kidney stones.
  • Drinking RO water helps us to prohibit water-borne diseases.

Disadvantages of drinking RO water

  • It removes minerals from the water which leads to fall in pH levels and makes the water acidic. Drinking acidic water does not maintain proper pH levels in blood.

To overcome this, we can adjust the TDS controller of the water so as to retain minerals like calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium.

Is it necessary to boil RO water?

No, there is no necessity to boil RO water, since they are extremely pure. This process is mainly to reduce contamination, chemicals and pollutants.  AguaClan’s RO purifiers come out with UV disinfectant which kill microbes that has been escaped from RO due to improper maintenance of the membrane. So, boiling RO water is considered to be waste of time, money and energy.

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