Water is an essential component for the industries to operate. Water conservation is the efficient way of using water in order to save water for future use. Conserving water sounds good both economically and environmentally for future use. Saving water not only save our money, it also helps our future generations lead a healthy, safe and peaceful life. It also helps in improving the quality of drinking water.  

There are several ways in which industries can conserve water. They are listed below.

  • Educating the employees about the importance of water and the ways to conserve them.
  • Creating awareness programme in industries to conserve water.
  • Harvesting Rainwater is the best way to conserve water.
  • Installing water efficient fixtures in restrooms and in other showering areas.
  • Improving cooling tower efficiencies in industries by installing a conductivity controller on each cooling tower, equip cooling towers with overflow alarms, installing submeters to monitor make-up and bleed on each cooling tower.
  • Replacing the existing equipment with more water efficient equipment in industries.
  • Waste water can be treated, recycled and reused for cleaning, gardening purposes.
  • Minimal usage of water for cleaning purposes and switching to cleaning equipment like vacuum cleaner, electric brooms, squeegees.
  • Auditing water usage helps us to know the usage of water and reduce water consumption from wasting.
  • Regular inspection of equipment like pipes or hoses in order to avoid leakages.

“Save water everyday to keep disaster away!”

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