Clean and pure water is a necessity of all. Drinking water is an inevitable human need and one of the most important resources for the sustenance of life. Not only for drinking but water is also needed for various other purposes. There is no substitute for water in particular and water resources are declining sharply.

It is estimated that around 844 million people have no access to safe drinking water worldwide. Around 2.1 billion people lack safe drinking water at their premises. We all know the effects of contaminated and impure drinking water. A study tells that unsafe drinking water is a cause for a child’s death every two minutes. Also, diarrhea is the most common waterborne disease which in itself is life-threatening. Therefore, it is necessary that the drinking water be clean and safe.

Since the clean water resources are very few and the water obtained otherwise must be treated for impurities before consuming. There are many ways of purifying the water such as treating it with chemicals or using a water purifier machine. One such method of water purification is using water purification tablets or simply water tablets.

These tablets are generally manufactured by the pharmacy companies. The distributorship of these tablets is taken up by the various water purifier companies in India. It is so because these are, one way or the other, a water purifier and thus the water purifier companies are the rightful distributors of them. Also, the water purifier manufacturers are umpteen. The water purifier manufacturers in Coimbatore only are a dime in dozens. Their consumer base and market reach back their case for the same.

Water Purification Tablets:

These are small, portable water treatment tablets which are used to purify the water obtained from untreated sources. A water tablet dissolves in the water which is to be consumed for drinking purpose, treats it for any impurities and makes it fit for drinking. They kill the pathogens present in the water and thus make it suitable for drinking. After dissolving the water tablet in the container to be used for drinking, it is essential to leave the container idle for about 30 minutes and then consume it. This gives the water tablet enough time to kill the germs present in the water and make it fit for drinking.

Ingredients and Function:

A water tablet is, generally, made of chlorine, chlorine dioxide and iodine. Each of the ingredients is known for its water purification qualities. Chlorine tablets for water purification are very well known for their use for treating impure water. Similarly, all the other tablet type performs the same function.

When dissolved in water, they kill or deactivate any or all the bacteria, virus and all other parasites present in water. By eliminating the source of the impurity, the water is made safe for consumption. In this way, water tablets cleanse the water and make it fit for drinking.


Water purification tablets can be used by anybody and at any place. These are, extensively, used in the military as there is no assurance and availability of clean drinking water at their workplace. Although, now water tablets are even used by the civilians and commoners as the availability of the clean water is getting scarce day-by-day.

The chlorine tablet for water purification is the most commonly used water tablet. Chlorine tablet for water purification is quick in treating the water as it cleans the water faster than any other tablet of such kind. Also, when water is kept uncovered for some time, it allows chlorine to evaporate leaving no trace behind or in water.

Effects of Water Tablets:

We’ve already established the uses of water tablets and their importance in purifying the water. There is also a different side of these tablets which is not in alignment with their benefits. Water tablets, apart from cleaning the water, also have some effects on health.

Since the main ingredients of water tablets are chlorine and iodine, they also are the cause of the trouble. Iodine fluctuate the thyroid content in the body. Too less or too much of iodine can disturb the thyroid function, resulting in autoimmune thyroiditis, causing extreme distress metabolism. Chlorine, on the other hand, leaves behind a very bad taste and odor in the water it is dissolved. It gets difficult to consume that water, especially for the drinking purpose. There are many other health effects that are caused by water tablets such as allergies, gastric problems etc. Water tablets do not eliminate the chemical impurities from the water. By consuming the water with these chemical impurities can lead to bigger diseases and health hazards. Also, water tablets lose their effectiveness and usefulness when stored for a longer duration of time.

So, it can be argued that the advantages of the water tablets are more than its disadvantages. The fact that the water tablets are a convenient source of water purification cannot be denied. They are easy to carry and swift in action. At the same time, they do possess some, serious, health threats to the human body which is a matter of grave concern. It’s all about attaining a perfect balance between the benefits and the loses. Water tablets are not the most ideal way to purify water but are indeed an asset and provide a very convenient way in purifying water and making it safe to a certain extent for drinking purpose.

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