Fresh water in coastal areas

How do people in coastal areas get fresh water?

People in coastal areas are more prone to salt water which is unfit for consumption. So people rely on groundwater and surface water supplies. However salinity affects groundwater in some areas due to overexploitation of groundwater. The presence of dissolved salt contents makes water unfit for drinking in coastal areas. This results in saltwater intrusion. This saltwater intrusion affects surface water as well. This water cannot be used for irrigation purposes as well.  

Drinking salt water might lead to severe health problems like kidney stones, hypertension, cardio-vascular diseases. Because of the high salt content water should undergo four to five purifying process which removes all the salt contents. So installing RO purifiers will the best for people living in coastal areas.

Why is RO water purifier best for coastal areas?

Another way to convert seawater into drinking water is desalination. Desalination is expensive and possible in industries but not feasible for home. The possibility of getting fresh water is decreasing day by day.  So, RO water purifiers will be the best way to purify salt water in homes.

RO water purifier is cheap compared to desalination plant. The UV lamps in the RO systems kill microbes. RO purifiers eliminate chlorine, metals, odor and reduce the hardness of the water. It removes excessive salt contents and maintain the correct amount of salts needed for the body. Drinking RO water benefits people over there in many ways. RO system does not harm you in anyways. AguaClan’s RO water purifier is eco-friendly in addition since it comes with food graded materials.

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