How is water purified through RO systems?

Reverse Osmosis is a water purification system which uses semi-permeable membrane to remove impurities. In this process, water is allowed to pass through a semi-permeable membrane. During this process, it completely eliminates microbes, dirt, odur, salts, minerals, chemicals like herbicide, pesticide and other impurities from water.

How beneficial is RO Water to human health?

RO systems are preferred in areas where the water has high TDS levels. It is the best purification method to remove the hardness of water. It is pure and safe to drink. Also, in recent times we heard that RO systems remove 90 percent of the minerals from water. So, we might think RO water is unsafe for drinking purposes.

The water contains more contaminants than minerals before purification. These contaminants may lead to severe problems in our body. Is it acceptable for us to get exposed to hundreds of contaminants just to get little nutrients? So, water is not the only component which contains all the minerals needed by the body. Water is one of the sources of minerals which contribute 10% of our body’s mineral needs. It is advised to include more minerals in the diet or supplements if you drink RO water.

Another issue with RO water, it is acidic. Is there any health impact of drinking acidic water? It is completely fine to drink RO water. It does not cause any damage to our body. The pH gets balanced when the water comes in contact with the food in our stomach. Hence, you can consume RO water without any worries.

And finally YES, RO Water is completely SAFE to drink. If you are more worried, you can go for an alternative. Choose RO system which comes with mineraliser. This will retain the essential minerals needed for the body from water.

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