Are you suffering due to hard water?

No worries when you have water softener. Water softeners help us to solve all the hard water problems. They soften hard water by the process called ion exchange. In this process, high concentrations of calcium and magnesium ions are removed from the water. These softeners only remove hard water ions and do not remove contaminants from water.

Wanna know the benefits of water softeners?

It saves your money by protecting appliances like dishwasher, water heater, washing machine, etc., It prevents clogging of pipes and fading of clothes. It also helps to maintain shiny, healthy hair and skin.

Have you heard of electromagnetic water softeners and their benefits?

Electromagnetic water softeners also soften hard water by passing electromagnetic waves. These waves are capable of disrupting the micron size of minerals. The output water from electromagnetic water softeners helps to decrease the descaling rate upto 90%

Electromagnetic water softeners do not remove minerals from water instead alter the hard water minerals. Here, the minerals are being broken and are converted into small and tiny particles.

Let us know some features of Electromagnetic water softeners:

  • It is safe and easy to install.
  • Requires no chemical, no salt and no maintenance.
  • Helps to reduce scales buildup.
  • It is energy efficient and requires only little space.
  • There is no wastage of water.
  • Retain healthy and essential minerals from water.
  • Fit and forget maintenance model.

Electromagnetic water softeners are far better than traditional water softeners. In this, the minerals are broken and converted into tiny particles. They are energy efficient and do not require maintenance. Unlike traditional water softeners there will not be much water wastage. It also has the capability to reduce the scales up to 90%.

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