Water Softener

Water softeners are used for reducing the hardness of water. It is a system which is used to remove highly concentrated ions thereby reducing the hardness.

Working of water softeners

Water softeners undergo a process called ion exchange. In this process, high concentrations of calcium and magnesium are eliminated from the water. It consists of three components. They are the control valve, the mineral tank and the brine tank. The water first flows through the mineral tank where the water is softened. The control valve is used to measure the amount of water entering into the mineral tank where the water is passed to soften and into the house. The brine tank is used to collect all the highly concentrated minerals like calcium and magnesium.

What will water softeners remove from water?

The primary function of water softeners is to soften hard water. Hardness of water is due to the presence of positively charged calcium and magnesium ions. The process of ion exchange takes place and this will also remove other minerals like iron and manganese.

Do water softeners purify water?

 Water softeners do not undergo purification process. The water is let into the softener to remove the hardness. It only eliminates highly concentrated ions from water. Water softeners does not remove any contaminants from water. So, in order to purify the water you should install water purifiers separately. You can choose your own purification technologies since the water from softeners is soft.

You can also switch to electromagnetic water softeners which reduces the descaling rate upto 90%. These electromagnetic water softeners soften hard water by passing electromagnetic waves to disrupt micron size minerals. Buy the best electromagnetic water softener from AguaClan. They are energy efficient and do not require a drain line unlike traditional water softeners. This is easy to install and is a fit and forget model.

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