Best water purifiers for home

How do you choose the best water purifier?

It is important to decide which will be the best since it involves health and well-being. There are so many purifiers available in the market. Out of that you have to choose which water purifier best suits for your home. Here are some ways to find the suitable purifier.

  • It is must to know the source of your water (municipal water, borewells, river, lakes, etc.,)
  • Checking the TDS level of the water.
  • Checking for the storage capacity for your home.
  • Knowing more about its features.
  • Most important factor is cost. Checking for maintenance and service cost.

By ensuring all these, you can choose the best water purifier for your home. There are numerous purification technologies available in AguaClan for homes like RO water purifiers, UV, UF, UV+UF, RO+UV. All these come with food graded materials.

Features of AguaClan Water Purifiers

  • Designs can be customised for interiors, villas and kitchen
  • Customised in-built purification technology
  • Long lasting with less maintenance
  • One year warranty with free installation
  • High quality stainless steel taps which are corrosion resistant
  • Comes with food graded materials and eco-friendly
  • LED indicators to indicate the purifier state

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