Why do you need a water softener?

Water softeners undergo water softening by the process called ion exchange. In this process, the mineral ions are trapped by resin within the system and exchanged for sodium and potassium ions. Water softeners remove only mineral ions and do not remove contaminants from water. In order to remove contaminants from water, install a water purification system apart.

How to identify hard water?

Hard water will have high TDS levels and it can also be test in laboratories. There are some signs listed below indicating the water is hard.

  • Appearance of watermarks on faucets and dishes even if you clean them.
  • Calcium deposits on the walls of sinks and showers.
  • Drying of skin and hair or itchy skin after shower.
  • Appearance of white patches on glass wares.
  • Decreased water pressure in pipes or faucets.

If you experience the above signs then water softeners may be right for your home.

What are the advantages of using a water softener?

Using whole house water softener benefits you in many ways. Below are some advantages.

  • Save your money:

       When water flows through the pipes, the minerals in hard water will form scales which results in clogging. These scale build ups inside appliances like dishwasher, washing machine, water heaters, coffee machines reduces their life span. Usage of water softeners reduces the frequent damage of appliances and helps you to save money.

  • Soft and bright clothes:

       The mineral in hard water gets deposited on clothes. This results in fading of clothes leaving stains and dingy appearance on the fabric. Soft water makes the cloth soft to touch and prevent wear and tear. Soft water dissolves detergent more effectively and prevents fading of clothes.

  • Healthy, strong, shiny skin and hair:

       Hard water damages skin and hair. It removes the skin’s natural oil resulting in dry, itchy skin. Soft water moisturise your skin and gives shiny appearance thereby making your hair and skin soft, clean and healthy. It balances the pH of hair which prevents hair loss.

  • Spotless dishes:

         Hard water will have white patchy deposits on glassware and silver utensils. With a water softener, you can avoid this problem. Soft water is free from minerals and do not form scales on dishes.

  • Saves time:

       Cleaning dishes or clothes with hard water may be time consuming. It will make you repeat the work. You have to spend time once a week for removing soap scum on the walls of your showers, sinks and faucets. Use of water softener prevent the negative effects of hard water and saves your time in cleaning.

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