The relationship between manufacturer and distributor is very important for a business to flourish. A manufacturing company expects a strong sale of its products and this can, only, be achieved with the help of good and effective distributors. A good distribution practice and distribution relationship management are essential for the success of any brand. The manufacturer and distributor are both dependant on each other for their growth. Both go hand-in-hand and one cannot do well without the other. The water purifier companies in India are constantly in the lookout for distributors and in improving distributor relationships to take their products to the customers of different parts of the country.

There many things that a manufacturer wants from a distributor. Some of the main things that stand-out, which must be prioritized, are listed below.

Understanding the Market

A distributor acts as the link between the manufacturer companies and the consumers. The distributor must understand the market and only then he will be able to take the products to the right customers. A distributor who does not understand the market will never be able to attract the target audience or potential customers. No matter how good the products may be, if it is not taken to the right audience, the product is sure to become a failure. It is also imperative for the distributor to have a thorough knowledge of the items so that he will be able to figure out the target audience.

Understanding the water purifier market means understanding the strengths and weakness of the products launched by competitive water purifier companies in India and also should keep a track on the new products that are launched in the market. The distributor should stay updated with the changing needs of the customers and also communicate the same to the manufacturer.

Cooperation and Trustworthy

Every manufacturer wants that a distributor must cooperate and work like a partner, nothing more, nothing less. The distributor must abide by and follow the guidelines provided by the manufacturer. Apart from all, creating & maintaining distributor partnership is a win-win situation for all i.e. manufacturing company and the distributor. It automatically leads to good distribution practice and in improving the manufacturer-distributor relationship. Better the distributor supplier relationship, more the sales. For instance, there are so many water cooler companies in India and all are striving to increase their sales. Out of all the water cooler companies in India, the ones who have a good distributor supplier relationship will make gains and will have a high success rate.

Innovative Marketing Strategies

A distributor must come with innovative and effective strategies. Effective strategies are those that actually work and bring a positive outcome. The distributor must have a thorough knowledge of the products that he is distributing or selling in the market. The distributor must be tactful in his dealings with the customers. The promotion of the products must be done in a way that it looks authentic. The distributor must come up with innovative ways to take the products to the customers.

The link Between Customers and Manufacturer

The distributor acts as the link and bridges the gap between the manufacturing companies and the customers. The manufacturer will not have direct access to the customers and that is where the distributors come into play. A good distributor should not only take the products to the customers but also take the feedback from the customers back to the manufacturer. This is how successful brands have been built. For a brand to be successful, it should know the needs of the customers.

Overall, a manufacturer-distributor relationship is necessary for every prospect for a successful sale of a product. Not only that, both, manufacturer and distributor, feed-off each other as their work is so inter-dependable. A manufacturer cannot go into the market and sell-off his products. It is simply not possible as it will require a lot of extra resources of time, money and labour and will add to the overall cost of the product. At the same time, a distributor cannot start making or manufacturing his own products. It will, considerably, reduce his own profit and business as he will have exposure to only a few of the products. Thus, the partnership between a manufacturer and distributor is pivotal for the success of any product.