There has been a lot of talk about the water filtration system, the different types of techniques used, the type of filtration system you have to opt depending upon the chemical nature of water, the cost of water purifiers, etc…. but among hundreds of water purifier companies in India what makes the certain few stand out from the rest. The public has understood that water purifiers are not an accessory anymore but are a necessity for a healthy life. The business organizations are looking to cash in on the opportunity by entering into the water purifier industry out of which many have failed and only a certain few have succeeded.  There has been a tremendous growth in the Indian water purifier market and every company is competing with each other fiercely to come with the best water purifier in India. Below are few of the essential qualities of water purifier companies that made them stand out from the rest.

Strong Investor Relationship

The first and foremost thing to start and operate a water purification company or any business for that matter is to have sufficient investment resources. There would be days where things don’t go according to plan or the company might face minor setbacks. The company must have sufficient investment to give wages to the employees and to sustain the market. The investor must have enough trust in the company to see through the rough times and capitalize on the opportunities.

Good leadership Team and Operation Procedures

The company should have a good leadership team comprising of experienced people who not only focus on profits but are broad-minded and focus on long-term goals to dominate the market. The company should also have a standard set of operating procedures and the point of contact should be clear to the employees so that their concern can be addressed to the concerned person directly and to avoid communication gaps.

Employee Centric Company

The company should always motivate the employees and should make them feel that their work is valued and it makes a difference to the company. As in the words of Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin Company, “Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of your clients”. Giving a pep talk to the employees now and then and offering exciting perks and incentives are sure to keep the employees motivated.

Always a Customer Friend

The company should treat the company always as a friend and do justice by it. Making a sale may increase the profit but in the long run, it creates instability and decreases the trust. The brand value is solely built upon the trust the customers have and is created not by misleading the customer to make a sale but to make sure that the customer is satisfied. A good customer is your best marketing executive.

 R and D Division

The R and D division is an integral part of all successful water purifier companies. A good water purifier company must have a dedicated R and D team that propels the company forward and provides an edge over other water purifier companies in India. The water purifier company should always be looking to improve the existing technology to make the purification more effective and come up with the best water treatment systems. If a company is not looking to improve, then the company is already lost. People always want the best of everything and that is why R and D are so important to come up with superior technologies and to introduce best water purifier for municipal water and best UV water purifiers and Ro purifiers. Innovation is a fascinating word that drives more customers purely out of curiosity and acts as a great marketing tool.

After Sales Service

The after sales service offered by a water purifier company is used as important criteria by the customers to decide whether or not to purchase the water purifier from the company. No matter how advanced and superior the water purifier machines maybe, it is still a machine and even the best water treatment systems are prone to defects and malfunctions. That is why the after sales service is an important aspect that differentiates the successful water purifier companies from the rest.