Purifying the water and making it safe for drinking purpose is one thing, whereas regulating the temperature of the water and making the water more pleasant to drink is totally a different thing. The water coolers were employed for the sole purpose of achieving this. A water cooler company will be able to customize the cooler as per your requirements depending upon whether the it is water cooler for school or office or any other purposes.

The first question that pops up in our mind is why install a water cooler at all in our office or homes. All of us in our childhood, would have been told that drinking cold water is bad for health and to refrain from it so as not to catch cold. But that did not prevent us from taking the occasional sip of cold water now and then. There a lot of benefits for drinking cold water and it has never been emphasized enough. Read on below to know about the benefits of drinking cold water and why it is important to have a water cooler in our premises.

Urge To Drink More Water

The one thing that is better than drinking purified water is drinking cold purified water. The water cooler increases the urge to drink more water especially if it is a hot and tiresome day. Cooling the water retains all the essential qualities of water and it helps us to stay hydrated almost all the time. The water increases the rate of blood from to your body and brain and as result you stay active.

Replenish Your Energy

There is no debate that cold water helps you replenish your energy and stay active. When the first sip of cold water runs down your throat, you clear feel you have regained your energy. It helps us to stay sharp and focused for longer time duration. It has also been proven scientifically that cold water reduces stress and elevates your mood making you to be happy. We can all agree unanimously that our generation needs to drink gallons of cold water considering the hectic lifestyle that we have adapted. The water cooler for office will definitely improve the efficiency of your workers and the water cooler for schools will definitely help the students stay focused and attentive.

Time Saver

In our fast paced lifestyle, time is a luxury that we cannot take for granted. The only other way that we can get access to cold water is by using a fridge where we will have to fill water in the bottles and keep it in the fridge and wait for some time until it gets cold. And you can only keep of maximum of 5 bottles in an averaged sized fridge considering all the other items kept in the fridge. And not to forget about the siblings fight where you keep the water bottle in the fridge and one of your siblings drink all the water. You open the fridge only to see there is no water and feel disappointed. The water coolers give you one less reason to quarrel about where you can get cold water continuously using a drinking water dispenser.

Versatility and Goes Well With Anything

The water coolers are very versatile in nature and they can be customized based upon your need. You can combine it with a water purifier such as RO purifiers where you can get purified cold water. You can install it in a drinking water dispenser enabling you to get access to both hot and cold water with separate compartments for hot and cold. You can also install it to your coffee or tea vending machine and you can get instant access to beverages such as ice lemon tea.

Regulating the Temperature of Water

You can regulate the temperature of the water as per your needs. You can choose whether you want the water to be icy cold or just enough to make the water more pleasant that it already is. The average room temperature is 20-25 degree Celsius and any temperature lesser than that will make the water cold.

Easy Installation and Portability

The water cooler dispensers are very easy to install and they don’t occupy a lot of space. They come in all shapes and sizes. Depending upon your usage, you can choose the size of the water cooler and there is no hassle of plumbing works. They occupy minimal space which boasts a serious advantage to fridges that are almost the size of your wardrobe. It is also easy to clean a water cooler and there is a water cooler cleaner kit available using which you can clean cooler in no time.

Eco Friendly Manufacturing and PUF Insulated Cooler Tanks

The cooler tanks are manufactured using eco friendly materials and are insulated with PUF (Polyurethane Foam). In certain coolers, the water is directly heated using a copper coil which can lead to health issues on the long run. The water should not be directly cooled rather the cooler tank that is insulated with PUF is cooled which gradually increases the cooling of the water and the makes the water pleasant to taste.