Water is essential for the survival of living organisms. Without water, life ceases. We need water for a safe and healthy life would be an understatement. Our body needs water to perform various tasks such as maintaining body temperature and water plays the vital role in the purification of our blood. All the toxic waste present in our blood are excreted in the form of sweating and other means that require water. Scientists reveal that Plasma, which is the liquid portion of our blood, is essentially made up of 92% of water. The Plasma that is predominantly made up of water carries the blood cells to all parts of the body which in turn helps in regeneration of dead cells. So, water is indeed responsible for the purification and rejuvenation of our body. Imagine what would happen if the water we drink is not purified and is contaminated. It won’t require a genius to guess that it will deteriorate the body and can prove to be lethal.

Diseases Caused by Water

The term water-borne diseases is used to refer to the diseases that are caused directly or indirectly by contaminated water. Diarrhea, Cholera, Malaria, and Typhoid rank among the most lethal diseases caused due to the contamination of water. Malaria is caused by mosquitoes that breed in contaminated water and  Cholera affects the small intestine and can prove to be lethal if left untreated. Diarrhea may seem harmless but it ranks first for most deaths caused by water-borne diseases and approximately 2.2 million lives are lost every year in developing countries due to severe dehydration owing to Diarrhea.

Why Do We Need to Filter Water Before Drinking?

It has been long believed that boiling the water is sufficient to make the water fit and safe for drinking purpose to ensure a healthy life. It is a very little known fact that killing the bacteria and germs is not sufficient to make the water fit for drinking purpose. The water we drink must also be free from poisonous salts such as Arsenic, Lead, etc…. The TDS ( Total Dissolved Salts ) value represents the total amount of dissolved salts present in the water and the TDS value for safe drinking water should be less than 500 ppm (parts per million. Boiling the water does not remove the dissolved salts and the substances that are present in the water. And just because boiling kills the bacteria and germs does not necessarily mean the water stays that way. If the boiled water is left unconsumed, the bacteria and germs again start to grow in 30 – 45 mins of time. It is not practically possible to boil a glass of water every time you want to drink. It is evident that purifying the water is not sufficient and this calls for a more superior technique.

The Truth About Water Filters

It is evident that boiling the water is not sufficient and this calls for a more superior technique. The water treatment systems have been employed to complete the task and make sure the water is fit for drinking. Water filtration not only kills the bacteria and germs but also ensures the dissolved salts in water are also removed. It is also capable of removing other suspended and dissolved substances in water. The water that flows along the mountains and river beds carry numerous dissolved and suspended impurities. Water treatment systems ensure that all the dissolved and suspended impurities are removed and the water is fit for drinking purpose.

Advancements in Water Purifier Industry

The importance of water filtration have been clearly witnessed by the people and there has been tremendous growth and advancements in the of water purifier industry. Increase in the number of water purifier companies has also increased the competition. Every water purification company are researching and constantly working towards introducing new techniques to come up with the best water filter. The water purifiers are customized as per your requirements to increase the effectiveness of the purifiers. You can contact a water purification company and their technician will be able to identify the nature of your water and offer suggestions on buying the water purifier that will best suit your needs. Multiple water filtration techniques such as RO, Ozone, etc… are combined and incorporated in a single water purifier machine making it the ultimate weapon in eradicating the water borne diseases.