If you are into water purifier systems, then Reverse Osmosis system is one thing that you will come across most often. Reverse osmosis water filtration systems have become very prominent in a manner that it has become synonymous with water purifier systems. Many people fail to realize that Ro system is a type of water purifier and they are of the common misconception that all water purifier is basically equipped with Ro purifier technology. A typical example of this is the difference between the word “Xerox” and “copy”. Xerox is merely a machine and we take photocopy using the Xerox machine. But in colloquial terms, “Xerox” has replaced the word “copy”. In the same manner, people think that the water purification system and reverse osmosis system are identical.


So if reverse osmosis purifier is only a type of water purifier, then what is all the fuss about the Ro purifiers and what makes them so special and effective compared to its counterparts? Below are the reasons that why reverse osmosis purifiers are regarded highly


Removing Harmful Salts


This is the foremost purpose of the RO water purifiers and this what makes them stand out. No other water purifier technology is even remotely capable enough to remove the dissolved salts present in water. The Ro purifiers employ the process of reverse osmosis to get this done. Reverse osmosis is the process where a solution of higher concentration is passed through a semi-permeable membrane to a region of lower concentration by applying external pressure. The membrane retains all the salts and the resulting reverse osmosis drinking water is free from dissolved salts and is safe to consume.


Water if not treated with reverse osmosis technology, can be lethal and can act as a slow poison to your body, the harmful salts most notably Arsenic and Lead get accumulated in the body and there are no means for our body to dispose of them. These salts can cause immediate effects such as kidney stones or in the long run when your body ages, they take a serious toll on your body and prove to be lethal.


Purifying Dissolved Impurities and Killing Germs


The water flowing through the river beds, streams and mountains carry a lot of dissolved impurities and disease-causing germs. In certain extreme cases, the water is yellowish in colour which is a high red alert indicating the presence of dissolved impurities. A survey taken reveals a shocking fact that in India, a child dies every 15 seconds due to water-borne diseases. This is what has also resulted in the exponential increase of RO water purifier companies underlining the fact that water purifiers are the most effective way to get rid of dissolved impurities and germs from the water.


The semi-permeable membrane used in the RO purifier technology has pores of 0.0001 microns. The size of the bacteria is 0.04 microns and the size of the viruses is 0.0004 microns. The air pump run by electricity forces the water to pass through the semi-permeable membrane and the membrane is more than capable of removing the disease-causing germs and dissolved impurities present in the water. All the germs and dissolved impurities present are trapped in the pores ensuring the water is 100 percent safe for drinking purpose.

This eliminates the use of a UV or Ozone technology and proving that RO purifiers have got everything covered to make your water safe for drinking.


Retaining Good Salts and Providing Great Taste


There are some of the additional benefits of reverse osmosis water purifier. The RO purifiers not only make the water safe for drinking but also provide great taste to the water. The taste of the water is due to the presence of mineral salts and hence the taste water varies based on different according to the salt content present. Siruvani is the world’s second tastiest water and you don’t want to miss that taste. Moreover, our body also requires certain mineral salts for the proper functioning of our body and lack of these salts can lead to calcium deficiency.


Most Ro water purifier companies offer a TDS filter attached to reverse osmosis plant to control and regulate the number of salts that is filtered. It ensures that your body gets essential salts thereby retaining the taste of the water.

The maximum TDS (Total Dissolved Salts) value of safe drinking water as set by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) is 500 ppm. If the TDS value of your water is more than 500 ppm, then the decision has already been made for you and reverse osmosis water filtration system are thus far the most effective and superior machines in the market. The reverse osmosis systems for homes will make sure that the health of your family is safeguarded from all forms of water-borne diseases. It is indeed true that RO systems cause you extra bugs than its counterparts but you cannot bargain with your health. The RO purifiers thereby standing testimony to the age-old proverb,” Health is wealth”