The importance of clean and purified water in hospitals can never be overemphasized. Water if not purified, can be a medium through which the germs and bacteria grow leading to hazardous infections and diseases. Especially in the hospitals, there is a very high chance of being infected as the patients are already sick and they are immune levels are very low. Below are few of the reasons why water treatment is imperative in hospitals and different water purification methods

Sterilizing the Instruments

Sterilization refers to cleaning the surgical and other instruments and accessories such as gloves to make sure that it is free from microorganisms. You don’t have to be a genius to realize that you cannot sterilize the instruments and accessories in contaminated water. Water purifier for hospitals makes sure the water is purified and is free from bacteria and germs. In most hospitals, purified hot water is preferred to clean the instruments while certain surgical instruments also require chemicals to be added to make sure that it is free from microorganisms.

Disinfection of Drinking Water

Water treatment is necessary to make sure the water is free from disease-causing bacteria and germs. There is a higher risk of infection in hospitals and we must take utmost precautions to protect ourselves from diseases. Arguably, purifying the water is the most important of them. Disinfection is made possible by using Ozone gas which is a very powerful disinfectant. It reacts with water killing the germs and viruses and disintegrates to oxygen molecules without leaving a trace.

Maintaining the TDS Value of Water

Human body requires certain essential salts present in the water for the proper functioning of the body. However, too much of these salts can degrade our body leading to infections such as kidney stones. There also certain poisonous salts such as Arsenic, Lead, etc.. Dissolved in water that can prove to be very lethal to the body if consumed in large quantities. An RO purifier equipped with a TDS filter makes sure that all the poisonous and excess salts are removed and body gets the essential mineral salts. The maximum value of TDS(Total Dissolved Salts) value for safe drinking water fixed by Bureau of Indian Standards(BIS) is 500 ppm(parts per million)

If you are looking for a water purifier, the RO system is a word that you will hear almost everywhere. The RO purifier is the most prominent water purification method that works on the principle of reverse osmosis where the water containing dissolved salts and impurities is made to pass through a semi-permeable membrane which retains the dissolved salts and impurities.

Removing Turbidity in Water

The water may also contain suspended and dissolved impurities in addition to microorganisms. The yellowish color of water is a clear indication that there is a very high content of dissolved suspended and dissolved impurities present in the water. Additionally, they also cause bad odor and taste making the water unfit for drinking. The presence of such impurities is referred to as turbidity. The turbidity in water can be removed by using carbon filters. The carbon filters suck the suspended and dissolved impurities present in the water and make the water safe for drinking. In addition to this, they also remove the bad odor and retain the original taste of the water.

Providing Hot Water

No matter how much the water is purified and made safe for drinking, there is nothing more comforting and reassuring than drinking hot water. There is nothing more soothing than hot water running down through a sore throat and nothing more refreshing than drink cold water after a long sweaty day. Luckily, the purifiers come with temperature control devices enabling access to hot and cold water with just a touch.

Retaining the Taste of Water

The best thing about water purifiers is that not only they make the water safe for drinking but also provide great taste to the water. The use of a TDS filter and carbon filter makes sure that the original taste of water is retained. The salts add taste to the water. The TDS filter makes sure that sufficient amount of salts are retained and the carbon filters remove dissolved impurities that cause bad taste and odor to water.

Water purifier for hospitals and hospital water filtration system can be customized as per requirements and can be integrated to water supply system in hospital. Hospital water treatment is mandatory and an integral part as they prevent the diseases, doing justice to the age old saying, Prevention is better than cure.