Clean and purified drinking water has become important more than ever with the number of new diseases being spread around. We are all very much aware of the saying water is the best medicine but what most people fail to realize is that contaminated water can act as a slow poison and can spoil your health in a million ways. In specific, the infants are easily infected by contaminated water that may even end up lethal. The war against contaminated water has been raging for decades but still we have not been able to implement a viable solution to eradicate the water borne infections.

However, certain precautionary and safety measures that were implemented and followed has greatly reduced the infection rate and the death toll. The water purifiers have become an integral part of our household making sure that we drink safe and purified drinking water. The increase in the number of water purifier companies and water purifier manufacturers over the recent years supports the cause.

Limitations Of Boiling Water

We have always believed the boiling the water makes it safe for drinking and it is sufficient. After all, our ancestors lived for hundred years when there was no such thing as water purifiers. The average lifespan of a human being has been gradually decreasing and we must all agree to the fact that not having access to clean water plays an important role in that. Our ancestors lived in a time when the pollution was not at its peak and the industry does not dispose their wastes and chemicals into water.

This calls for a more effective method than just boiling the water. After all boiling the water will only remove the germs and bacteria present in the water. The chemicals and the dissolved salts present in the water are not removed by boiling and they start accumulating in your body. The purification of water will make sure the water is not only free from bacteria but also from dissolved salts and chemicals.

Below are few of the benefits of water purification and why we need to filter water before drinking

Hassle Free – We Love Being Lazy

Boiling the water consumes quite some time and you will have to boil the water every couple of hours to make sure there is no growth of bacteria and germs in the water. If not, the bacteria and germs will start growing and contaminate the water. How would you like to drink clean water just by the press of your finger? This is what water purifiers have accomplished. The purification of water is done much easier and is hassle free giving access to clean water.

Killing Germs and Bacteria

The germs and bacteria present in the water are killed by using ultraviolet purification method. In this method, high intensity ultraviolet rays are passed through the water which kills the bacteria. This method not only kills the germs and makes the water safe for drinking but also makes sure the water stays that way

Removing Harmful Salts and Suspended Particles

This is the main function of an RO purifier wherein a semi permeable membrane consisting of minute pores is used to remove the dissolved salts and particles suspended in the water. The technique make use of reverse osmosis process where the a solution of higher concentration moves towards a solution of lower concentration by applying pressure. The semi permeable membranes trap the salts and other impurities making the water safe for drinking. If the TDS (Total Dissolved Salts) value of your drinking water is more than 300 ppm, then it is a clear indication that you should opt for an RO purifier.

Removing the Turbidity

Turbidity refers to the presence of mud and other dissolved particles in the water. The yellowish color of the water is an extreme example of such case. Carbon filters are installed in the water purifier that sucks the mud and other dissolved impurities in the water making it fit for drinking.

Provides Great Taste

Boiling not only fails to purify the water completely but also renders the water tasteless. This is due to the reason that boiling liberates the oxygen present in the water and this make the water to lose its taste. The water purifiers not only make sure the water is safe to drink but also retain the taste of the water.

It is indeed agreeable that water purifiers cost quite some money but you cannot take any chances on your health and importance of purifying drinking water can never be underestimated. The water purifier companies customize the purifier based on your requirements and the water purifiers will justify every rupee that you have spent on them.