The water that we drink should not only be purified but also be suited to our needs. There is nothing more comforting than hot water running down through a sore throat. This is made possible by using a hot drink dispenser. On the other hand, drinking cold water after a long sunny day not just refreshes your body but also your soul. This is where water dispensers come into play. A drinking water dispenser is basically more like a storage device that is customized as per your needs. Just like water purifiers, drinking water dispensers also come with many features and you can customize them as per your requirement. The brands offering some of the best water purifier also offer drinking water dispensers. Below are few tips to choose the right drinking water dispenser for your needs.

Size Requirements

The first thing to look into while choosing a water dispenser is the capacity of the dispenser, that is the volume of water that it can hold. You need to have a basic estimation on the total consumption of water on a single day. The number of people who will use the dispenser and the total volume of water that will be consumed. Based on that, you can choose the size of the dispenser. Opting for a dispenser with a larger size than required only leads to wastage of money and will also occupy more space.

Visual Appearance

The water dispensers come in an array of styles and designs. You can also choose a color combination that goes well with the color of your house. You can customize the water dispenser and make it look more appealing providing a visual treat to the eyes.

Eco Friendly Housings and Compartments

The dispenser should be build with eco friendly materials. There are a lot of dispensers build with plastic materials available in the market. You have to check the build quality of the material and confirm the dispenser does not contain any plastic materials and is made up of SS 304 (Stainless steel) material.

Hot and Cold Temperature Controller

Most people will agree that this is a must needed feature for dispensers. The dispensers come with 3 outlets, hot water, cold water and normal water. In the hot drink dispenser, you can set a specific temperature for the water and the water would be heated to that point. The best thing is you dont have to wait and you will get instant boiled or cold water every time with just a press.

High Durability

The dispenser that you choose should have high durability and should be able to operate without any malfunctions for a longer period of time. A dispenser that is prone to damage and malfunction is going cost you a lot of money and will prove to be a big headache. The dispensers made of stainless steel are resistant to corrosion and are proven to be efficient and can last longer without any malfunctions.

Cost Efficient

While calculating the cost of a water dispenser, the maintenance should also be considered. No one wants to spend their entire life savings on a water dispenser. The performance and features of the dispenser should justify the amount you have paid for it and should fulfill your requirements. You should also customize the dispenser as per your exact needs and remove any unwanted features cutting down some cost.

ISO Certified Manufacturing Process

The number of brands in the market and the array of dispensers they offer make it highly confusing in choosing a dispenser. It is almost impossible to segregate the good water dispensers from the bad ones. You can narrow your search by selecting the brands that come with recognized certificates. One among the most prominent one is the ISO certification. ISO stands for International Organization for Standardization and you have to make sure the brand you are choosing has an ISO certification for their manufacturing process.

After Sales Service

The support and service offered by the brand after you have purchased the dispenser is of utmost importance. Like all machines, the water dispensers are also prone to malfunctions and contacting an authorized technician would not be a wise thing. Choose a brand that is widespread and has distributors and offer services throughout the country. Certain brands also provide annual maintenance plan where you pay a fixed amount every year and they will make periodic inspections and offer services if there are any issues with the dispenser.

Buying a drinking water dispenser will cost you a lot of money and that is why you will have to put a lot of thought in choosing the right water dispenser. A water purifier or a water treatment system can also be combined with water dispensers making it the best water to drink. You can stick to the above mentioned tips as guidelines and it will make your search a lot easier in choosing the correct drinking water dispenser.