Water Saving Tips

Water is an essential component for a species to survive. Almost 97% of water in the Earth surface is covered by seas and oceans which cannot be used. Remaining 3% of freshwater is stored in water bodies like rivers, ponds, lakes, reservoirs, etc., Conservation of water is vital since water is a limited natural resource. […]

Water Borne Diseases

Water borne diseases are caused by pathogenic microbes present in water. They may spread while drinking, washing, bathing. The water becomes contaminated due to pollution like chemical wastes from industries, garbage from homes being dumped into water bodies and untreated sewage. These contaminated water contain pathogens like bacteria and viruses which can cause significant effect […]

Fresh water in coastal areas

How do people in coastal areas get fresh water? People in coastal areas are more prone to salt water which is unfit for consumption. So people rely on groundwater and surface water supplies. However salinity affects groundwater in some areas due to overexploitation of groundwater. The presence of dissolved salt contents makes water unfit for […]

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